Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Recent Nail Polish Aquisitions

First things first, sorry I haven't been posting recently. Its exam time again which means I spend most of my time revising (or procrastinating to avoid revising). This paired with the fact that when I'm stressed I bite my nails and I can pretty much kiss blogging anything goodbye.
But it was my birthday last wednesday and my wonderful friend Rosie (here!) got me some nail polishes. Also being the nail polish fiend that I am, I recently picked up two for myself.
Rosie gave me the 2 on the left: Maxfactor's Fantasy Fire and Models Own Ibiza Mix and I picked up Models Own Snow White and Hedonist (the 2 on the right).

 Fantasy Fire is amazing, just look at all the different colours of shimmer. In different lights it has reddish shimmer, green shimmer, gold shimmer all suspended in a royal purple/blue base. Its love. Only downside is the bottle is so small :(. Gonna have to drag this one out.

Ibiza Mix is amazing, I never got Happy Birthday from Deborah Lippmann or Rainbow Connection by OPI but thats all okay now that I have this. Might have to buy another bottle as a back up... It consists of multicoloured and multisized hexagonal glitter in a clear base.

On the left is Hedonist, a neon coral/red shade which I have on my toes at the moment. I layered 2 coats of it over 1 coat of Snow White. I have read that to make neons really glow layering them over white helps. Snow white is a repurchase, this is my third bottle, I use it in a lot of nail looks - especially water marbling.

I promise I will have proper reviews and swatches when my nails are long again.. give it a month :)

p.s. To all those doing exams, good luck!!!


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  2. nice colors!

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