Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Boots and Superdrug Haul

Over the past 2 days I have spent my lunch times and after school shopping in my local Boots and Superdrug going on a little bit of a spending free.

Here's the evidence:

As you can tell I have had a little bit of an obsession with nail varnishes so here is a closer picture of them

The colour on the left is a new Barry M nail paint in Pink Iridescence. It has really pretty green, blue, pink and  white/silver glitter in a very pale pink (almost clear) polish. I applied three coats and while its not that opaque, the glitter is very pretty and makes my really short nails look a little less short and a little more girly.

The Nails Inc. was a freebie in a Glamour magazine and its in the colour Jermyn Street which is a really pretty taupe/lilac/burgundy colour. That makes it sound kind of gross but it looks very chic on any length nails.

This Emerald City Revlon nail polish is my favourite out of all of them. It was recommended in a magazine and its a really pretty deep green with very slight shimmer and a matte finish. LOVE IT.

Now this last one is really weird. Its by Barry M and its meant to be worn over nail varnish. It sort of separates and leaves weird criss cross patterns on your nails. I will upload a picture of it soon.

I needed to by new foundation because my skin has got WAY paler recently and my regular foundation is making me look a tad orange so I decided to revert back to a foundation that I used a while back and as Boots was having a 3 for 2 offer I got some powder as well.

The foundation at the back is Maybelline's Dream Satin Liquid. Its quite thick for a liquid foundation and makes your skin look great. In case you were curious I got the lightest shade, Light Porcelain but mix it with a bit of my Super Stay foundation in Ivory (also by Maybelline.) 

The powders are by Boots own brand Natural Collection, ones a loose translucent powder, the other is a pressed one in the colour Warm. It kind of annoys me that the packaging for the pressed powder is cheap and there isn't any mirror, but I suppose thats what you get for £2.

Thanks for reading :) (and I just realised how much I waffle on .. do you like this or should I try to cut down?)


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Favourite Lipsticks ATM.

Hey everyone :)
While in the past I have had a serious aversion to lipsticks, I have been using two recently almost to the point of obsession.

On the left is Boots own brand 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive.

As you can see its a really pretty milky, pinky-nude colour and when applied to the lips, has a really glossy finish. Its almost a cross of lipstick and lipgloss and so makes it super wearable on the lips. It is also very very moisturising and smooths on the lips very easily.

Next to it AVONs lipstick in Pout.

This is very similar in colour to the Mirror Shine Lipstick but has a slightly more matte finish, is slightly darker, and less peach and more pink. While it isn't drying, it is a little less moisturising than the 17.

So as I am obviously having a nude pink obsession, what are other good nude lipsticks?


Sunday, 14 November 2010

Review: MAC's Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage

As you may remember, I got sent a sample of this product recently and over the past few days have been using it continuously and I LOVE IT!!!

Its a very light lotion/mousse consistency and goes on very smoothly, which means that make-up glides on very smoothly too. I have noticed that it slightly reduces my pore size as well, although not to any massive degree. It has very fine glitter, however my foundation (at the moment I'm using Maybelline's Dream Satin Liquid) covers it completely and gives a really pretty glowy effect to the skin.

It also stops my skin from going oily, applying a light dusting of powder in the morning is enough to last all day without need of touch-ups.

I am going to definitely buy the full size product tomorrow.

Have a good evening :) x

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Autumn/Winter Nail Polishes

Hey everyone :) I think my first ever post was something like my favourite summer nail polishes so I thought I would continue with the trend and do a favourite autumn/winter nail polish collection.
Most of these polishes are easy to purchase at the drug store (especially if you live in England) but there are a few from OPI and one of these is discontinued.

From L-R:  Steel Her Heart by Revlon (a beautiful shimmery grey-silver), Dangerous Affair (a deep red wine) by Ciate and Mushroom by Barry M (a greige-taupey brown colour). 

From L-R: Deep Purple by GOSH (a rich, dark purple), Totally Teal by No7 (a deep teal) and Absolutely Alice by OPI (a limited edition blue with blue/gold shimmer).

From L-R: Revlon Red by Revlon (a 'true' red), Charge It! by Sephora by OPI (a slightly shimmery medium-toned gold) and Jade Is The New Black by OPI (a .. well jade colour).

The last picture consists of my favourite nail polishes, and I admit I love how together they are the traditional Christmas colours.

What are your favourite colours for A/W?

Monday, 8 November 2010

Look what arrived in the post today... (sorry for the rubbish picture quality)

Pictured above is MAC's 210 precise eyeliner brush and a sample of their prep and prime skin base visage.

I ordered the 210 brush because while I have their 209 eyeliner brush, I have recently started putting on thinner eyeliner whereas half a year ago I was applying quite thick lines and the 210 is so much thinner. I'm really excited to use it for school tomorrow...nerd. (is it sad that I get excited by things like this?!)

And I'm almost even more excited to try the primer. Having never really used one before I'm quite interested to see the results.

On that note, do you have any recommendations for a good drugstore (or high end) primer? If I think that this primer makes a significant difference I will definitely look into buying one.

Ciao :) x

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Perfume Collection...

Hey everyone :) Told you I would keep up with the blogging haha.

I admit I don't have a huge amount of perfume but judging by the way I have been addicted to trying on new perfumes in my local Boots my collection will probably be expanding pretty soon. 

First off is my all time favourite perfume, and one that I know without a doubt I am going to repurchase many more times. This is Lola by Marc Jacobs

This is a warm, fruity-florally perfume and its described as having ' fruity topnotes of delectable bright pink peppercorn, seductive pear d’anjou and succulent ruby red grapefruit. The heart 
contains fuschia peony with soft touches of rose and geranium, while the base has enveloping notes of smooth vanilla, tonka bean and creamy musk'. I got this last Christmas and this is the largest size and I have been using it at least every other day. 

Continuing with the theme of floral perfumes, the next one is In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon for Avon. although it looks full in the bottle, trust me its not. The amount of times that I used this over the summer has meant the bottle is only a little over half full.

 Its a very light floral smell. And is described as 'featuring peach, tea leaves and greenery in top notes. A heart includes magnolia, gardenia and jasmine, while base notes add cashmere, flowers and amber crystals.' 

Another perfume that I have been using a lot recently, especially over summer, is DKNY's Be Delicious Candy Apple and this one is in the flavour Sweet Caramel. 

This is a really sweet, fruity perfume and is by far the sweetest perfume out of all of them. It has notes of apples, pears, marshmallow, jasmine, lily of the valley, violet leaves, caramel and vanilla. Looking at the list of notes, you can really smell the caramel as soon as it is sprayed onto the skin and the fruity notes come out later. This was the sweetest out of all the Candy Apples I tried and therefore the one I had to buy.

The last perfume I have is English Velvet by Jack Wills and I got this for my birthday from my lovely friends.

It is quite similar to Lola in the way that it is a warm floral, slightly fruity smell. The fruity notes are pink grapefruit and mediteranean fig. Orange blossoms, rose petals and soft fresia make up the floral notes with undertones of creamy amber indian sandalwood and oriental musk.

But girls I am kind of stuck about what to ask for my Christmas present... I'm thinking either Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb, Dolce and Gabanna's Rose The One and the new Juicy Couture perfume, Love Peace and Juicy Couture. Any other florally perfume recommendations would be welcome :)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Giving Blood....

Now I know this isnt a usual blog but I really want to tell you something... Yesterday I gave blood for the second time ever (you can only start when youre 17 in the UK - don't know about anywhere else) and while I know some people have strong feelings against it, I honestly feel that as many people should do it as possible.

While admittedly it hurt when the needle was put in my arm, it only lasted a moment although when it was in my arm it did feel a bit weird. And afterwards I felt pretty faint, which is weird because last time I was fine but whatever.

All the little negatives are, however, totally worth it. Everytime I look down at my arm and see the tiny little bruise and cut, I feel so proud of myself. I mean, there is a chance that spending 45 minutes of my life giving blood may save someones life.
So I urge anyone reading this who can give blood, give blood.

And in the next few days I will post a blog about something a little less heavy - favourite nail polishes for autumn? What are your thoughts?


Monday, 1 November 2010

October favourites :)

First and foremost, I am so sorry I haven't posted anything in MONTHS. Things have been crazy what with moving, school and work and I have to admit I have (obviously) kinda let the blog slide. 

So I am back with my October favourites (if you didn't guess from the title). 

First of is a 17 lipstick from Boots in the colour 'Beehive'.

As you can see its a really pretty nudey-pink and I LOVE it. I'm not usually one for lipsticks but this is so pretty and its quite sheer and a little shiny so its very wearable.

Next up is Benefits Benetint 

 I use this pretty much everyday on my cheeks and gives a really pretty rosy flush and its so easy to blend out. I have to say though.. I don't like using it on my lips because it feels slightly drying and really really sinks into any cracks you may have. 

Because its getting colder, my skin tends to dry up and look less 'glowy' so when I saw this in an Avon catalogue I had to get it. Its a peachy, gold highlighter and looks super pretty on warm skin tones and, like benetint, I have worn it everyday. 

This is Clinique's gel eyeliner in True Black and I brought this when my MAC fluidline ran out and I think I like it a little bit more if I'm honest... You get more product for your money, and its easier to use as its slightly more liquidy so it goes on more smoothly. 

I have never used Ciate nail polish before until I got it for free in the latest Marie Claire magazine. This particular one is in the shade 'Dangerous Affair' and is a really pretty deep red wine colour and its perfect for autumn/winter. I currently have it on both my finger and toenails. It tends to start to chip around day 2/3 on real nails, but on my friend's acrylic nails it lasted a week without chips.

Lastly this necklace is from H&M and I really love it. I saw a few people wearing some necklaces similar to this on youtube videos but could never find one in England, so when I found this while shopping recently I had to buy it. It looks great worn with a white vest top and skinny jeans. 

I promise I will try to post more blogs soon (and I really mean it this time). Hope you enjoyed this :)