Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Giving Blood....

Now I know this isnt a usual blog but I really want to tell you something... Yesterday I gave blood for the second time ever (you can only start when youre 17 in the UK - don't know about anywhere else) and while I know some people have strong feelings against it, I honestly feel that as many people should do it as possible.

While admittedly it hurt when the needle was put in my arm, it only lasted a moment although when it was in my arm it did feel a bit weird. And afterwards I felt pretty faint, which is weird because last time I was fine but whatever.

All the little negatives are, however, totally worth it. Everytime I look down at my arm and see the tiny little bruise and cut, I feel so proud of myself. I mean, there is a chance that spending 45 minutes of my life giving blood may save someones life.
So I urge anyone reading this who can give blood, give blood.

And in the next few days I will post a blog about something a little less heavy - favourite nail polishes for autumn? What are your thoughts?


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