Monday, 8 November 2010

Look what arrived in the post today... (sorry for the rubbish picture quality)

Pictured above is MAC's 210 precise eyeliner brush and a sample of their prep and prime skin base visage.

I ordered the 210 brush because while I have their 209 eyeliner brush, I have recently started putting on thinner eyeliner whereas half a year ago I was applying quite thick lines and the 210 is so much thinner. I'm really excited to use it for school tomorrow...nerd. (is it sad that I get excited by things like this?!)

And I'm almost even more excited to try the primer. Having never really used one before I'm quite interested to see the results.

On that note, do you have any recommendations for a good drugstore (or high end) primer? If I think that this primer makes a significant difference I will definitely look into buying one.

Ciao :) x

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