Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Topshop and Miss Selfridge Haul

Hey girls :)
The past week has been pretty hectic - new job and starting school preparation so it has lead to a severe decrease in the amount of blogs I can post.

This post is a long way overdue but on the 20th my best friend and I went to London to listen to an exclusive hear of The Pretty Reckless's new album. Now I didnt have any clothes suitable for such an amazing evening - may I just say that I MET taylor momsen. yeah spoke to her.... she is actually a very sweet person but I know alot of people dont like her so I'll move onto the clothes I bought.

Miss Selfridge Baby Pink Body £14

Miss Selfridge High Waisted Shorts £30

Topshop 'Slinky Long Rope Necklace' £10

Topshop PU Biker Shearling Biker Jacket £58

This jacket is my new love. None of the pictures I took showed that the shearling is actually a grey colour as opposed to the bright bright white thats showing up. As soon as I bought it and I left the store I saw 2 other people wearing it and when my friend went into aldo to get some shoes the assistant helping her told me that she was going to buy the jacket in her lunch break.

So more blogs will be posted shortly.. expect an August Favourites in the next couple of days

Saturday, 21 August 2010

3 Favourite Drugstore Mascaras

Hello :) Mascara is my weakness.. I have tried out so many different products from many different brands both high and low end, but if I'm honest the best ones for me have to be drugstore. Their formulations seem to be slightly thicker and therefore give you more volume (and in some cases longer). Mascara really is my desert island product. So without further ado these 3 mascaras are my current favourite ones from the drugstore:

From Top - Bottom: L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen, MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara Waterproof and L'oreal Volume Million Lashes.

The Extra Volume Collagen is what I use as my base mascara and if I had to choose a top favourite, this would be it. It gives you both volume and length. It retails at around £8 in Boots and Superdrug but im sure its cheaper in the states.

The MaxFactor mascara is the english dupe for Covergirls Lash Blast and it is AMAZING. I took this with me on holiday and I went swimming for a few hours and it stayed put. Even though I swam under water and played water volleyball. It gives great length and good volume but I recommend curling your eyelashes first to take full advantage of this.

Now the Volume Million Lashes isnt that great to use by itself so instead I layer it over my Extra Volume Collagene to add length and definiton.

What are your favourite mascaras?

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Boots Haul

Hey :) so yesterday I went into town looking for a new foundation and concealer but of course left with much more. For those of you in the states, Boots is a popular drugstore over here in England.

Picture numero uno:

L-R, Back- Front: Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo £2.50, L'oreal Elnette Flexible Hairspray £3.50 and Boots 100 Hairgrips £1.50.

I have never tried dry shampoo before but after a recommendation from a friend I am quite excited about trying this out. However I have dark hair, curly hair so unless I brush it out (which will leave my hair a poofball) I am probably gonna be left with white dandruff-esque flakes so I think im going to use this for when i straighten my hair.

Second is the hairspray and I've used this before and I LOVE it. Doesn't leave your hair crispy but holds for hours.

Lastly, hairgrips. Not much to say... they do the job?!?

L-R: Benefit Pocket Pal £15.50, Rimmel Royal Gloss £4, Revlon Beyond Natural Foundation £9.99 and Natural Collection Coverup Cream £2.

The reason I got the Pocket Pal was because I have been dying to try out Benetint and this is £10 cheaper. So far (after only a day!) I am in LOVE. It gives a really pretty flush to the cheeks and a buildable colour to the lips. However the gloss is kind of thick and sticky.

So this gloss is in the colour 121 Yummy and its not sticky- it feels like jelly on your lips :) its so smooth. AND it tastes like sweet oranges its so nice.

THIS FOUNDATION IS AMAZING! It provides light coverage but its very natural looking so can be built up to a medium coverage. It comes out of the tube white which really confused me when I was swatching it in the store but when you rub it into your skin it changes to match your skin tone. It feels so nice in your skin and gives this light fresh dewy glow. For the first time in ages I havent used powder with it and it lasted all day. HG.

So far this concealer seems pretty good. Its slightly plasticy in consistency and provides average coverage but really thats all I was exprecting for £2.

L-R: Barry M Nail Paint in Strawberry Icecream £2.95, No7 Nail Colour in Violetta £6.50 (£1.50 with voucher) and Barry M Nail Paint in Spring Green £2.95.

I think I have a slight addiction when it comes to nail polish. In total I have 37 and I have only really been buying them for the past year. So when I saw that Barry M where having a 2 for £5 deal I had to buy some new shades. The green colour is far more bright in person but I am especially excited about the pink one. Violetta is a beautiful electric violet and I cannot wait to wear it tomorrow.

speak soon xxx

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Product Rave!

I have really long tangly, curly hair and I can only comb it once I have just washed it and its pretty difficult to because it gets SO knotty. But i have been using this product since I was a kid and honestly, I love it. This product is Loreal Kids Sweet Pear Tangle Tamer :))

Words cannot describe how much I love this. It smells amazing - like apples and pears - and i use about 6 pumps on my hair.. more if its particularly unruly. And it does the job, always leaves my hair shiny and manageable.

Mini Haul

Hey everyone, sorry its been such a long time since I last uploaded anything but I'm back now with a small haul i got from Boots. I hadnt been to the Boots near me in ages and when i walked in today it was completely different - but in a good way. They have way more brands now (including Benefit and Lancome) and the store was set our completely differently.

Anyway, here is a quick picture of the products I got today:
I'll post some upclose pictures of the nail varnishes and the lipsticks in a bit but I'm just going to focus on the 3 ''big'' products to start off with.

First there are the Veet 40 wax strips. I have only ever shaved my legs once a few years ago and I honestly cant remember if it hurt or not but I'm going on holiday soon and i want to have smoothy smooth legs so I'm willing to risk it.

Second is the Umberto Giannini Indulgent beauty Moisture Mask. I'm excited to try this as although I rarely straighten my hair it still manages to never feel quite soft enough and I'm hoping this will achieve what past attempts have failed to do. (Btw if anyone has any intensive hair treatment recommendations I would love to hear about them).

And lastly is the Dove Summer Glow gradual self tanner. I have had mixed experiences in the past with self tanners; I used the Johnsons & Johnsons one and although it gave me a good healthy glow it did fade after a week and look patchy. (Again, any recommendations would be well appreciated :))

Now for the nail varnishes:

So on the left we have Mushroom by Barry M and on the right we have Steel Her Heart by Revlon. The foremost is a chocolatey-taupey-eversoslightly lavender (mushroom) colour and is very similar to Chanel's Particuleire. Once I took these pictures I immediately put this colour on and its becoming a new favourite.

Steel Her Heart is a beautiful grey-silver with silver and blue glitter in it. I cannot wait to put this on and am tempted to take off Mushroom from my nails and put this one on instead. I love Revlon nail enamels because they last for such a long time and I have never gotten one that hasnt been good quality.

And finally - the lipsticks;

I admit, I am not much of a lipstick wearing person even though I have a fair amount I just dont seem to wear them. Which is why I am setting myself the challenge of wearing a lipstick every day for the rest of this week.

Now back to the lipsticks in this photo. From L-R; Peach by Revlon, Retro by Rimmel London and Carnation by Revlon.

I'll start off talking about Retro. This is one of their 'Lasting Finish' lipsticks and gives an almost completely matte look to the lips. I applied it quickly earlier on and wore it for about an hour and it didnt feel drying at all, didnt make my lips look flaky and the vibrant red-orange-coral colour looks fantastic. I have been searching for a red that isnt blue-based and I think I've found it :) finally.

Onto Peach - this is pretty much a true peach colour although it is a little bit more terracotta in person that it is appearing in the picture.It has a pretty light sheen to it which doesnt look sparkly in the slightest (a big plus in my opinion) and is sheer enough for people wary of lipsticks like myself.

And finally Carnation by Revlon. This is my favourite out of the three if I'm honest. It is the easiest to wear and gives the lips a pretty, mid toned pink colour. Again as with Peach it has a slight shimmer and is definitley moisturising.

Omg that was such a long blog.. i hope it made up for me not posting anything in a while. :)

Daily Face Wash Routine

I am the first to admit that I may have a slight obsession with washing my face... I dont even know why really. It just feels so good at the start of the day when you're all tired and then BAM you're awake. And at the end of the day it gets rid of all your makeup and helps send me to sleep.

In the morning I use 4 products on my face in total.

I would do a L-R but i'm pretty sure you can tell what they are from the picture. The Aapri scrub is pretty abrasive but in all honestly thats why I love it (and just in case you're wondering they do a sensitive version which is far less scrubby). It really cleans deep down. The Neutrogena wash is relatively new but so far so good and the main bonus about it is the AMAZING grapefuit smell, it really wakes you up. The Clean&Clear does exactly what it says - clears blackheads super fast. And the Simple moisturiser.. its just your average good moisturiser. Not great but does the job.

Now for the picture of my evening face products:

Here I have swapped out the Neutrogena grapefruit for their 2-in-1 wash/mask. I love this product and use it every night as a wash and as a mask twice a week.

Now for the HG product - SUDOCREM!! Omg this stuff dries spots out like no other. Just dab a tiny amount on before you go to bed (I dont recommend doing this in the day because it can leave a greasy residue) and the next morning your face will look a lot clearer.

Phew :) what products do you rely on to keep your skin in good condition?

The Body Shop - Sweet Lemon Lip Butter

This is a product from the body shops relatively new line of 'sweet lemon' based products. When applied lightly it leaves a beautiful sheen that melts onto your lips super quickly. It smells like lemon cheesecake which can only be a plus! Sometimes it does leave a weird lemonish sort of taste in your mouth but it goes pretty quickly.

It does cost around £4 (which is sort of steep for a lip balm) but I brought mine in a £5 set with a lemon body wash and exfoliating thing which I recomend getting because it works out cheaper.
Haha you can see the huge dent I've made in it already :) such a good lip product.

MACs Pinch O' Peach - Product Rave!

This blush is, in my opinion, one of the best out there. Its a warm mid-toned pink colour with a subtle undertone of peach. This fact that its not a cool, blue-toned pink suits people like me with yellow undertones in our skin as it doesnt look too, you know... pink-pink.

It gives a really pretty, natural looking flush of colour and because its a sheetone its very easy to build up into a bright pop of colour if thats what you're after.

Heres another shot with my beloved (and also highly recommended) Body Shop powder brush - which is full of dense and very soft bristles.

Favourite summer nail polishes

Here are a few nail polishes that I have been using most frequently over the past month or so. While none of them fit with the nude trend thats all the rage right now they are all so beautiful I dont care!

So from left to right we have:
Hot Coral - GOSH (roughly £5)
Pink Blush - Models Own (£5)
Pure Turquoise - Barry M (£2.95)
Mint Green - Barry M (£2.95)
and last but not least Mad As A Hatter - OPI (£10)