Thursday, 19 August 2010

Boots Haul

Hey :) so yesterday I went into town looking for a new foundation and concealer but of course left with much more. For those of you in the states, Boots is a popular drugstore over here in England.

Picture numero uno:

L-R, Back- Front: Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo £2.50, L'oreal Elnette Flexible Hairspray £3.50 and Boots 100 Hairgrips £1.50.

I have never tried dry shampoo before but after a recommendation from a friend I am quite excited about trying this out. However I have dark hair, curly hair so unless I brush it out (which will leave my hair a poofball) I am probably gonna be left with white dandruff-esque flakes so I think im going to use this for when i straighten my hair.

Second is the hairspray and I've used this before and I LOVE it. Doesn't leave your hair crispy but holds for hours.

Lastly, hairgrips. Not much to say... they do the job?!?

L-R: Benefit Pocket Pal £15.50, Rimmel Royal Gloss £4, Revlon Beyond Natural Foundation £9.99 and Natural Collection Coverup Cream £2.

The reason I got the Pocket Pal was because I have been dying to try out Benetint and this is £10 cheaper. So far (after only a day!) I am in LOVE. It gives a really pretty flush to the cheeks and a buildable colour to the lips. However the gloss is kind of thick and sticky.

So this gloss is in the colour 121 Yummy and its not sticky- it feels like jelly on your lips :) its so smooth. AND it tastes like sweet oranges its so nice.

THIS FOUNDATION IS AMAZING! It provides light coverage but its very natural looking so can be built up to a medium coverage. It comes out of the tube white which really confused me when I was swatching it in the store but when you rub it into your skin it changes to match your skin tone. It feels so nice in your skin and gives this light fresh dewy glow. For the first time in ages I havent used powder with it and it lasted all day. HG.

So far this concealer seems pretty good. Its slightly plasticy in consistency and provides average coverage but really thats all I was exprecting for £2.

L-R: Barry M Nail Paint in Strawberry Icecream £2.95, No7 Nail Colour in Violetta £6.50 (£1.50 with voucher) and Barry M Nail Paint in Spring Green £2.95.

I think I have a slight addiction when it comes to nail polish. In total I have 37 and I have only really been buying them for the past year. So when I saw that Barry M where having a 2 for £5 deal I had to buy some new shades. The green colour is far more bright in person but I am especially excited about the pink one. Violetta is a beautiful electric violet and I cannot wait to wear it tomorrow.

speak soon xxx

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