Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Topshop and Miss Selfridge Haul

Hey girls :)
The past week has been pretty hectic - new job and starting school preparation so it has lead to a severe decrease in the amount of blogs I can post.

This post is a long way overdue but on the 20th my best friend and I went to London to listen to an exclusive hear of The Pretty Reckless's new album. Now I didnt have any clothes suitable for such an amazing evening - may I just say that I MET taylor momsen. yeah spoke to her.... she is actually a very sweet person but I know alot of people dont like her so I'll move onto the clothes I bought.

Miss Selfridge Baby Pink Body £14

Miss Selfridge High Waisted Shorts £30

Topshop 'Slinky Long Rope Necklace' £10

Topshop PU Biker Shearling Biker Jacket £58

This jacket is my new love. None of the pictures I took showed that the shearling is actually a grey colour as opposed to the bright bright white thats showing up. As soon as I bought it and I left the store I saw 2 other people wearing it and when my friend went into aldo to get some shoes the assistant helping her told me that she was going to buy the jacket in her lunch break.

So more blogs will be posted shortly.. expect an August Favourites in the next couple of days

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