Saturday, 26 May 2012

Beauty Product Haul

Last week I went shopping with one of my closest friends Rosie (who has a blog and you should definitley check it out if you havent already - link! ). Typical me, I bought a lot of nail polish as well as a few other items.

I got a few clothes from Primark and when I was in the queue I saw a set of 4 neon nail polishes. I immediately grabbed a pack and got Rosie to get them too. They all look pretty good, tried them out and they are all 2 coaters apart from the yellow which took 3 coats to get it opaque. All are creme finishes apart from the yellow and I am slightly dissapointed with it because it was the polish i was most excited about. More in depth review will be up soon.

In TKMaxx I saw a collection of colour club polishes, a brand I have heard good things about but never been able to find. It was a set of 7 but 3 of those were top coats so I gave one to Rosie along with a pink glitter polish of which I own a pretty good dupe for. I got the set mainly for the flakie colour and tried it out as soon as I got in the car. The polish is pretty densely filled with the flakes. Really excited to try it out over some polishes - I'm thinking lilac or black first. Reviews will be up shortly.

I quickly tried out the Revlon Pinch Me lip tint and honestly I was kind of dissapointed. The texture is sort of like putting jam on your skin and there is little to no colour pay off.
I was given the Super+ BB from SKIN79 to try out from Rosie and I love it. While it comes out of the tube as grey it quickly blends into the skin. I really like it and am going to get some off ebay for the summer months - it covers well without feeling heavy. The lipstick was also given to me by Rosie as a birthday present and I love it. Its really creamy and leaves a light stain. Love it!

I picked up these two mascaras at a pound shop and honestly both of them are kind of meh. They dont really do much more to my lashes other than define them a little and increase the length. That said for only a pound I'm not complaining as I can use them on days I want to wear barely any makeup.

Clothing haul will be up soon :)


  1. LOVE that bb cream! but also underwhelmed by the collection 2000 mascara... sad because i generally love thier products... xo

  2. Wouldn't have thought to buy Primark polish but may have to try it now! Thanks for the warning about the Revlon lip tint :)