Thursday, 1 March 2012

Favourite Pieces of Jewellry: Earrings

Another post on my favourite pieces of jewellery, this time round its my favourite earrings. While I used to like only stud earrings, over the past year I have started to wear dangly earrings. I like how they can make it look like you put more effort into your outfit than you actually did.

These earrings I got as a present the Christmas before last and are from Oasis. I wore them when I dressed up as an elf this past christmas as they remind me of snowflakes or icicles or something like that. Unfortunatley they dont sell them anymore :( but similar ones could probably be found in various stores.

I got these as a present from my brother at Christmas. I love the detailing on these, there a lots of little leaves inside a larger one. The gold so far hasnt tarnished (although with them being dangly earrings they dont really come into contact with skin that much so...). They are still available on the Topshop website (link here) and are very reasonably priced for their quality.

I got these black long feather earrings from Topshop last autumn. When my hair was longer, these were just about the same length. These earrings are pretty long! I like how the feathers shift colours from black to blue to green. The only issue is that with them being feathers I always worry that I am going to damage them, but so far they've held up pretty well.

These earrings I purchased from Urban Outfitters in the january sale (I checked but they aren't available anymore). They are one of my few pairs of silver earrings, and my only long ones. What I like most about these is that they have a tough aesthetic (love wearing them with my favourite leather jacet).

The last two are quite boring, just 2 gold studs. The lion ones I wear probably most often of all my earrings, so much so that the gold rubbed off and I was forced to paint over with gold polish, but honestly I haven't had any issues with the gold coming off. The flower studs are pretty simple but a bit more refined than the lion studs.

I have been trying out a new foundation and will upload a post about it soon enough :)

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  1. they look gorgeous! xx