Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Nail Polish Collection: Blues

Continuing on with this little series, I have my blue polishes. Originally I was going to lump them together with my green polishes but when I realised how many blue AND green polishes I had, that post seemed a little too long.

First are two pretty similar colours, Avon's Twilight Blue and Navy by Barry M. They are both metallic dark blues and are 2 coaters, the Avon polish dries a little faster. These colours are perfect for winter although they do have a tendency to make my skin look quite pale.

These three are all creme polishes, from left-right Models Own Feeling Blue, H&M Blue My Mind and Models Own In The Navy. Of the three, the H&M one is my favourite, its such a bright cornflower blue with a really slight purple undertone and it looks SO bright on your nails. It looks good now but I think it will look even better in summer. The Models Own polishes are very similar in formula, all three are 2 coaters. In The Navy is a cross between a royal blue and a navy shade and Feeling Blue is a light cornflower blue. Pigmentation on these three polishes is fantastic.

These two are Barry M's Turquoise and Blue Moon. Turquoise isn't exactly turquoise, there is no real green undertone to it. Instead it is just a pastel/bright/pale blue (not 100% sure how to describe it) and this is my second bottle! I used it constantly last summer and the bottle was about 3/4s gone before it went all gloopy and unuseable. It has a great formula, doesn't apply with streaks, and is opaque in 2 coats. Blue Moon unfortunatley has a pretty bad formula. I would say it needs 3 thick coats to get it opaque which is a shame because its such a lovely pale blue. I love wearing white on my nails when I have a tan and this colour is perfect for giving that contrast when my skin is paler.

These three are all pretty similar, on the left is 17's Peacock, the middle one is Revlon's Ocean Breeze and on the right is NYC's East Village. Peacock and Ocean Breeze are very similar colours, Peacock is just a tiny bit darker. They are both 2 coaters, the only real difference being the fresh scent of Ocean Breeze (but wash your hands a few times and the smell tends to go). Now onto what I feel is a bit of a fail nail polish, East Village is not pigmented enough for me. I mean yes you can get away with 3 coats but I am so bad at waiting for my nails to dry that I would much rather have either the 17 or the Revlon polish. East Village is also quite shimmery, whereas Peacock and Ocean Breeze are just youre every day metallics.

Foundation post should be up on friday... maybe. Fingers crossed.

(and rosie if you read this before tomorrow. GOOD LUCK!!!!!)


  1. thanks for the luck sweetcheeks ;) good luck for you tomorrow! can't waqit to see you :) xoxo

  2. so many lovely nail varnish shades. i love barrym and the one you bought is too adorable! :)
    I think your blog is great and I started to follow you! I can't wait to read more :) maybe you'll have a look on my blog also, dear :))


    1. thankyou thats so sweet :) i love your blog to. officially following haha