Monday, 5 March 2012

NOTD: Rimmel Peppermint

You must be getting sick of reading nail polish posts by now.. but I have another one!
Seeing as the weather is getting warmer I feel justified in that I am cracking out the pastel shades already. Today I have my favourite mint green/turquoise polish on, Peppermint by Rimmel.
I had such issues trying to take pictures that would make it seem true to colour, without flash it looked to blue with flash it looked neon turquoise. While this isnt exactly mint green, it has quite a lot of blue which makes it look a little like a pale turquoise.

no flash

I love the brush on this, its really wide and literally 2 strokes and its applied, and pretty evenly at that. Took 2 coats to be opaque and lasts roughly 3 days before chipping. I took the pictures before applying a top coat and it made such a difference, if you notice the top photo makes the polish look almost matte but this was fixed with my beloved seche vite.
This is the only polish I own from their Pro range but seeing how much I love this one I might have to check some of the others out...


  1. Love your nails!

  2. I have to say - I'm very happy when I visit your blog. Sending lots of love!!