Saturday, 3 March 2012

Review: Barry M Lip Paint 54

I got this lip paint from Barry M last year when I was going to my friends house because we like to spend hours putting on really crazy makeup looks (this is going to sound so weird to people that don't do this).

I havent touched it since until about a week ago. I found it in the bottom of an old makeup bag and I wondered if I could make it look wearable, especially considering that peaches and oranges are the shades for summer.

Although it does look crazy bright in the bullet and in swatches, if applied lightly with your finger and then blotted it just looks like a light peach - which is a lot easier to wear that ridiculously bright orange.

 on the left is applied straight from the bullet, on the right is it blended
 lightly applied with my finger
applied directly from the bullet

As you can see from the pictures above, it is a very pigmented, matte formula and so I tend to layer it over or under Carmex just so it doesn't dry out my lips or make the cracks appear more obvious. While I won't be wearing it as a bright orange lipstick any time soon, I love using it to give a peachy colour to my lips.

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