Friday, 6 April 2012

Every Day Tanning Routine

Now I'm not the sort of person who has ever been obsessed with keeping brown and tanned before, but the recent nice weather has made me want to change my pale legs into something a little less pasty. I am using the Dove Summer Glow which is a gradual tanner and I have started to crave being brown and am looking into maybe buying something along the lines of Xen Tan (although I might start off with something a little less expensive first).

Before using the gradual tanner I use this Salt Scrub by Sanctuary which I purchased in Boots. I have been using this twice a week for the past year and I swear by this stuff if you are after soft skin. The salt while abrasive isn't painful and a little bit of this goes a really long way. Only issue with this is it leaves an oily film on your legs although because I use this in the shower its not a big deal because it goes when you use shower gel on your legs.

Now possibly my most loved product of the month, Dove's Summer Glow. It costs around £5 from Boots or Superdrug. I apply this every day as soon as I hop out of the shower and it sinks in pretty fast so you don't have to sit around for ages waiting for it to dry (a massive bonus in my book as I am always on the verge of being late to school). Aside from its tanning properties it is also a really good moisturiser and leaves my skin really really soft. It has a nice slightly fruity scent, its quite light though so its not too offensive. I feel like if you don't use it every day then it goes a little patchy but i use it in place of my regular body lotion so I have no issues with this. Within a week my legs are SO much more tanned.

Overall I am really impressed with this product and cant wait for summer so I can get my legs out as often as possible.

Any recommendations for other tanning products?

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  1. I love this too! For a nicer smell the Palmers gradual tan is great - they tend to have it in big Boots. The colour is about as dark as the darker Dove product, it's my favourite :) Also don't use cheap fake tan because I've been unable to make my feet their natural colour in a week because IT WON'T BUDGE! Invest and learn from my mistakes :P