Saturday, 14 January 2012

Random: Sweets from Chinatown

So just a quick post showing some sugary snacks I bought on a recent trip to chinatown with my mum and my brother. A few years ago mum came back from working in london and gave me a pack of 'Pepero'. They are shown in the picture below and are basically biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate. And they tasted so good that ever since then I have forced mum to buy me more and different types.

This time, I got my usual Pepero (although I prefer Pocky but they weren't in stock), hello panda, Caplico Stick, Winnie the Pooh shaped Hello Panda things and YanYan. Hello panda is basically chocolate or vanilla filled biscuits. the Caplico sticks I have only ever had once before and is like... fake ice cream cones? Ha that sounds bizarre but its just a really solid sugary foam. Now for the Yanyan... I've never had this before but from what I can tell its similar to pepero in that its biscuit sticks but they are not coated and instead you dip them into a vanilla/milk dip.. I am definitely interested to try these haha.

Have you ever tried any of these? Did you like them?

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