Sunday, 29 January 2012

Favourite Pieces of Jewellry: Rings

Similarly to my nail polish collection series, I have decided to do an overview of my favourite pieces of jewellry. Now most of these items won't be available anymore but oh well.

First I decided to go show my favourite rings. I never used to be the hugest ring wearer purely because I had really chubby fingers, but after losing weight I've noticed they've got a lot skinnier (i.e. from being able to just about wear large rings on my smallest (ring) finger to being able to wear medium rings on half and large on the other half of my fingers) and so have bought a lot more.

First is this turquoise ring I purchased from Dorothy Perkins last summer. I got it in large and now the only fingers I can wear it on are my middle fingers and thumbs. I asbolutely adore turquoise so this ring jumped out at me. Only issue is and this can be said for all cheap gold coloured jewellery is that the gold colour rubs of and turns copper coloured, leaving my finger stained blue-green.

 Second is this one my friend got me for christmas 2 years ago from topshop (I think). And she being my friend, is aware that I used to have massive fingers so got this in large, it fits the same as the turquoise one. I love the design on this and the way its quite eyecatching without being too bling or in your face. Sadly, about 4 of the 'pearls' have fallen off but I can live with it.

Thirdly is a pretty new purchase, this mood ring from urban outfitters. I love this ring because its adjustable so I can wear it on all fingers and the colours that show up are so pretty, ranging from browny-green to purple.  

Saving the best till last, this is a ring my late grandmother gave me. It is a black onyx stone set in silver. What I love most about this ring is the colour of the stone, its this incredibly dark green with a few sparse red flecks. Its a little small and just about fits on my ring finger on my left hand, but it has got stuck before so I'm going to have to take it to a jewellers to get it resized.

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