Saturday, 7 January 2012

Urban Outfitters Haul

So recently the sales were on, but I hardly got anything due to lack of money, hatred of shopping in crowded stores (the stress gets to me) and nothing really catching my eye or being a must have.

The only way I buy anything in the January/post-christmas sales is online as I find it to be far less hectic. So while I was casually looking through all the online sales I came across a few things on the Urban Outfitters website. I have never bought any clothing from their store before as the clothes are really expensive, although that said, I have been very very tempted before. But anyway, I got a few really non expensive things, just some jewellery and home decor items.

First was this photoframe. I got this because I do not currently own a frame and seeing as my room is going to get redecorated, I figured whats wrong with a little preparation (even though my room wont be finished for a month or so.) I got the Dear Prudence Wild Rose Frame in Peach for £5 (reduced from £8 i believe but I'm not 100% sure). I really love it and cant wait to put a picture of me and my friends in there.

This might be a very strange thing to get to some people, but I LOVE wrapping presents and plan on using this 'Black With Love' ribbon to wrap peoples birthday presents. This was reduced to £3.

It might come as a shock that for a girl who owns over 100 nail polishes, I dont own a single nail glitter. So when I saw this on sale for only £2, I had to get it. I plan on using this silver nail glitter on the tips of my nails paired with black or blue polish.

Now onto the jewellery. First off was a mood ring. I was obsessed with these as a child and owned a tonne of these. Now although the ring might not change colour with your mood they aren't any less awesome. I got the silver one, although I was torn between it and the black oval one which I might have to buy, both retailing for £5 in the sale. Only problem is, they dont have a sheet telling you which colour corresponds to which mood, but this really isnt necessary. I got it for the colour change. haa. What I really love about this ring is the fact that it is adjustable so fits all finger sizes.

Secondly was a pair of triangle chain drop earrings. I own very little silver jewellery and these are the first pair of silver dangly earrings I have bought. I like the tough aesthetic of these and plan on wearing paired with a leather jacket and black skinny jeans.

Lastly, and possibly my favourite, are these pair of long aztec feather earrings. I own a pair of long black feather chain earrings from topshop, and I love them, so when i saw these on the website I couldn't resist buying them.

Did you get anything in the sales?


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